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Shown in sectional format is Wayne's current (full view) map of the Perimeter Road entertainment area in Balibago: the bar district in Angeles City. To see the complete map, without sections, click here.  You can also view or download the complete Perimeter map in Adobe PDF format.   Adobe Reader is required.

If you would like to print the map, it will be best to bring the individual sections of interest and attach them together. The map sections were made with a ratio that is compatible with most monitors, making it also suitable to print.

Click on any area of the map below to take you to that specific map.  You can navigate around from there.

Advice Concerning Pedestrian Safety: In the Philippines, every mechanized mode of transportation has the unspoken right-of-way over the pedestrian, especially motorcycles and trikes as they are more maneuverable. Let them pass, walk defensively, and enjoy your vacation. Don’t let your guard down, and navigate in a cautious manner in unfamiliar, remote or not brightly lit places. It may be safer in some locations to take a trike rather than to walk. This is especially true during the evening hour.

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Angeles City Map
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