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Below are some links to other sites that might be of interest to you. Please feel free to check these sites out and let them know that 'Wayne Sent You'.

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AC 2 - Very active forum
AC Transport Services - Ground transportation services to and from Manila (NAIA) and Clark (CRK) International Airports, including 'Share-A-Ride' and 'Share-A-Hop' programs.
Angeles Ads - Does accounting, property management, and printing services.
Angeles Beach Club Hotel - For those that like a quality hotel.
Angeles City .com - Interesting reviews of bars. As we all know though most bars change quickly.
Angelwitch - Fields Avenue bar that I have secured EWR from previously. - Some great information on Angeles City
Bliss Hotel - My girl was in an apartment a block away from this hotel. I went by it many times for boom boom and can say it is a little out of the way of the action. If you like that try it. It is close to Dau bus terminal.
Blue Book - A must have magazine for buy and sell in Angeles City.
Boomerang Hotel - Hotel up Perimeter Rd. way for those who like being out of the main action.
Bourbon Street CondoHotel - Newer place to try in Angeles. these are condos for rent if your looking for that.
Brass Knob - Bar and Hotel
Central Park Tower - Quality Hotel and same owners as Pacific Breeze.
Chikka - Must have to txt honeyko from my computer.
Clarkton Hotel - Good Perimeter Rd. hotel that is highly thought of by many tourists. Has a shuttle to walking street.
Club Atlantis - Don't remember going into this bar but I have. So that tells me I was not impressed with it. May you will be, give it a try.
Cottage Kitchen Cafe - Good food at moderate prices. I liked it!
Cyrstal Palace - Bar that I don't visit but you may.
Devera Hotel - Seems a very nice hotel that's close to ABC Hotel.
Dollhouse facebook page - group of bars in Angeles City. They have links to their other bars; Tropix, Crystal Palace, etc.
Dollhouse website - Bar on walking street the main area.
Edelweiss Bar/Restaurant - Good place to have a drink and eat.
FieldsAvenue.Info - Updated site with lots of information on the area we mongers enjoy.
Fly The Bus - An option to getting to AC. Need a taxi to Swagman in Manila and then they will take you to AC.
Frontier Tex-Mex Cantina - Try it! If nothing else they seem to have a couple of cute waitresses with a flower in their hair.
Galaxy/ Penthouse Hotel - Large complex just off of Walking Street on A. Santos
Gecko's - I EWR'd from here in Oct. 2010 and she was great.
Here Philippines - A website that covers some areas of the Philippines to include la Union, Manila, Subic, Puerto Galara, Baguio and good ole Angeles City.
Horizon Tower - Buy or rent a condo???
Hotel Royal Amsterdam - Can't get any closer to the Fields ave. bars than this, duuu.
Hotel Sogo - Chain of hotels in the Philippines. This one is in Dau.
Jade and Rune's Pen Pal - OK, they may be Christian but us mongers need love too :)
Kandy Realty - An option for long term stays.
Kokomo's - Gee I wonder what this site could be about? Mo's or Kokomo's leads only to one place.
Lewis Grand Hotel - Very good quality hotel that is right between Field ave. and Perimeter road.
Lollipop bar - Some fun can be had in this small bar.
Maharajah Hotel - Another option for you stay, however, it is far away from Walking Street.
Marble Inn - Out of the way hotel going towards Swagman and Patio Inn.
Margarita Station - What can I say, one of my favorite places.
Marquis Hotel - I may give this hotel a try on a future trip.
Midnight Rock - Rockin Dave passed and he will be missed. Fire Pit currently owns the bar. Bar is up Perimeter Rd. way.
Natalia Apartelle - Has Apartelle style rooms that can be rented as hotel or longterm.
Nice Bike Rentals - Need to rent a motorcycle? This is an option to look into.
Oasis Hotel - Probably the best hotel out on Perimeter rd. and is recommended for families
One Stop Travel - Travel agency on Friendship Hwy
Orchid Inn - Very popular hotel in the middle of the action.
Pacific Breeze Hotel - This is Central Parks new sister hotel as they are owned by the same good people
Patio Inn - Very close to the Swagman and a good trike ride to Fields.
Philippine Addicts - Active message board to check out
Philippines at Night - Another great free site with active forum
Phillie's Sports Grill & Bar - Newer place to try out when you have some hunger and/or thirst worked up.
Phoenix Hotel - Popular hotel on Perimeter rd.
PI At Night - Message board all about what we do there and what others would like to do if they had the opportunity.
Ponderosa Hotel - Hotel a little out of the way but they do have a shuttle.
Pony Tails - Another bar for you to visit for some company.
Red Tulip Hotel - Budget hotel.
Ribi Steak House - Haven't ate here but I bet it's good.
Rufer - He let me have the HTML info for his cube so he must be a nice guy. Lots of info here
Rumi Hotel - A little out of the way for me but some might find it appealing.
Savanah Resort Hotel - Far up Perimeter rd. (AKA Don Juico ave.) Also kind of expensive and I think better choices.
Score Birds Hotel - New place I found as of 2017.
Seinpost Hotel - Remodeled hotel again on Perimeter rd.
Stampede Club and Cherry's Bar - Clubs right next to each other on lower Perimeter rd. I visit them when I'm in town.
Swagman Resort and Hotel - Hotel away from the action. Use to be where the once popular wet t-shirt contests were held.
Swiss Chalet - Not only a very good hotel but also an excelent restaurant. Yummy!
Tequila Reef Cantina - Some great food located at a convenient location at the corner of A. Santos and Real Streets.
Tiger Hotel - Somewhat close to Fields ave but on the Margarita Station end of Fields.
Tropix Club - Bar that has what everyone is looking for, girls.
Vera Hotel - Far out towards Korean town (Friendship area). I think Koreans are their main customer base.
VFW Post 2485 - Give it a try for even if your not a VET.
Voodoo - Visit the bar and you will be glad you did.
WHOA AC Maps - Some very interesting maps from old that are still usefull.
Wild Orchid Resort - Sister hotel to the Orchid Inn.